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Blair is a huge American online platform for overseas shopping. Thanks to this online store you will have access to a huge assortment of men’s and women’s clothing, shoes for all categories of the population, gifts for all occasions, as well as jewelry and gem. But not only is the impressive selection of product units noteworthy when it comes to Blair, a truly democratic policy when setting product prices, but that’s also really impressive. Thanks to Blair, you will not only please yourself and loved ones with pleasant purchases but also save money. Navigation on the Blair.com site is quite simple: on the main page of the site in the middle there are always three or four most relevant offers with discounts, section names are written a little higher in white letters on a blue background, they are there: “Men”, “Women”, “For your house “,” Scandia Woods “,” Jewelry “. The collections of high-quality and inexpensive clothes are constantly updated: on the site, you can find both current news this season and basic things “timeless”, which are always relevant. There is everything here, from children’s and youth clothing for boys and girls, and ending with a line of large-sized clothes and accessories for women and men. Blair designers pay special attention to goods and clothes for pregnant women and things for newborns and babies up to 3 years. The assortment of men’s clothing has a lot of casual and modern clothes. This is a huge collection of jeans, and the same large line of t-shirts and sweaters, good models of outerwear, many things in a business style – shirts, suits, jeans, and jackets. Women’s inexpensive clothes are various dresses and sundresses, flying blouses and skirts, comfortable jeans and overalls, a chic selection of t-shirts, tops, a comfortable collection of sports things. A separate niche is shoes and accessories. Here you can find almost everything: umbrellas, and sunglasses, and beautiful bags. The collection of quality children’s things focuses on naturalness and safety. Therefore, the flagships of this line were natural materials – cotton, linen, wool. Bright colors and catchy prints “refresh” the line of children’s things: there are a lot of cages, peas, stripes, original inscriptions. Excellent quality and a huge selection of not just cheap, but fashionable clothes at low prices are all Blair.

Blair Credit Card Review

Since the Blair chain of stores always has interesting offers, as well as discounts on certain products, she developed its credit card. Such a card will help you purchase the things you need at the moment. You can apply for Blair credit card on the Internet at the Blair.com. Within the same day, the company will consider your application and send you an e-mail credit card number. If your credit history is well, then you can count on a minimum interest rate. When the company opens to you your card, they will automatically create your Blair credit card account. Then you should verify Blair credit card login on the official website. Registration in the system allows you to manage Blair credit card remainder, and to check Blair credit card balance. The main Blair credit card benefits are the lack of interest on the loan amount during the grace period. You can also receive as a gift 10 dollars to your credit card online for online payment on every 150 dollars that you spent on the official website. This credit card has no annual fee and its annual percentage rate begins at 28%. Also one of Blair credit card rewards is that you can get a good discount on the purchase of any product from the store on your birthday. To do this, you need to make Blair credit card payment several times a year. This will keep your card available. If we talk about the shortcomings of this card, they, like most credit cards, consist in the fact that the interest rate of the debt increases if you do not pay it on time. Also, if you paid for your purchase with this card abroad, then a fee of 3.5% of the transaction amount is also charged from it. To gain additional and interest information for you, you can go to the retail network of this store or by calling the customer service department by phone number 1-866-422-4471. Operators will help you solve your problem with joy.

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