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Expedia Credit Card


Expedia is one of the largest hotel reservations, car rental, and airline ticket sales systems worldwide. This company offers its users the opportunity to fully plan their trip at the best prices. Expedia also deals with last-minute tours and comprehensive travel packages, with informative city guides that help indecisive and spontaneous travelers choose a route. By purchasing airline tickets and hotel reservations on Expedia.com, you can save a lot of money. Founded by Microsoft in the late 90s, Expedia quickly became big enough to become independent in the early 2000s and turn into a multi-million dollar business. Expedia itself has 30 localized sites in various countries all around the world. When it comes to car rental, Expedia boasts a partnership with renowned Sixt, Alamo, and Budget brands, which allows it to offer the best car rental prices. Expedia also allows its customers to be flexible in travel planning, for example, you can pick up a car at the airport, and return it at another place. The system developed by Expedia satisfies the needs of travel services customers on almost all continents. Among the proposals of companies include more than 100,000 hotels, hundreds of airlines and tour operators, hundreds of car rental companies, an inexhaustible stream of partners who provide services already at their destination. Expedia’s goal is to create the largest and most developed tourist retail space. The company covers almost all aspects of planning and ordering a trip, serves both tourists and people on business trips, offering services from economy to elite class. Expedia also has its tourist credit card.

Expedia Credit Card Review

This card is ideal when you need a secure credit line that you can use at any time. The method of obtaining a credit card in Expedia is as simple as possible. You can take hold of it in just a few steps and with the minimum required documents. Credit cards are issued to individuals subject to eligibility. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the company. If you want to obtain your credit card you should apply for Expedia credit card online at Expedia.com. During a couple of hours, your application will be considered and a representative person of the company will contact you. If your credit history is well, then you can count on a minimum interest rate. When the company opens to you your card, they will automatically create your Expedia credit card account. A further representative person of the company will send you a credit card number on your indicated e-mail. Then you should verify Expedia credit card login on the website. Registration in the system allows you to manage the Expedia credit card remainder, and to check Expedia credit card balance. Also, Expedia credit card rewards its owners for subscribing to their service. But there are other Expedia credit card benefits, for example, Expedia gives its customers $ 50 for the first Expedia credit card payment within three months from the date your card is issued to you. These 50 dollars are credited to your credit card online when making an online payment over the 50 dollars. Expedia.com also has a bonus program, for each reservation you are credited with points, which you can use by collecting 1000 points. These points are also awarded for every dollar spent. To get an Expedia premium voucher for $ 1,000, now you need to accumulate 140 thousand points. To earn Expedia’s $ 50 premium voucher, you need to score 7,000 points. This credit card does not have an annual fee. And if we talk about the annual interest rate, then it varies from 16% to 25% depending on your credit history. Expedia’s credit card has two statuses. Silver status is given immediately upon registration, but the golden statue of the card must be earned. To do this, your increment, which is calculated from the spent costs of the card, should be $ 2,500 per year. The golden statue of the card opens up new hotels and a new mode of transport for you, as well as special elite last-minute tours. For a consultation, you can call the customer service department by phone number 1-800-950-5114. The customer support phone line is available 24 hours a day and is free of charge.

And if we talk about the shortcomings of this card, then they consist in the fact that now the bonus system of this card has slightly decreased. For example, previously 3 points were awarded for each dollar spent on this card. Accordingly, it was possible to quickly reach the goal and use gift money. With the introduction of the new bonus policy, some customers refused this card. In any case, Expedia is the most popular travel service in the world. Expedia plans to continue to expand its business in industries such as alternative accommodation and is opening new business lines, such as rail travel in some European markets. She is also trying to introduce new customer-oriented technologies, new powerful analytical tools, new methods for attracting and attracting customers by suppliers, as well as moving to the cloud. Expedia will continue to build and invest in mobile initiatives to increase traffic and profits in all global markets.

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