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Fortiva Credit Card


Fortiva is a part of Proofpoint company which helps protect users from malware and advanced threats in both URLs and email attachments by developing unique protection programs. Fortiva offers next-generation solutions that include new intelligent protection capabilities, as well as a new Attachment Defense module and an updated real-time threat control panel.

Today, any organization, any person has information that they would not want to share, or vice versa – would like to sell more expensive. Therefore, the goal of information security is precise to prevent the uncontrolled dissemination of information, to prevent its loss or inability to access it, and as a result, to ensure uninterrupted operation of the organization and minimize damage from events that pose a threat to security. The issue of information protection must be approached comprehensively and immediately block all possible leakage channels. Often the implementation of individual protection measures does not lead to an increase in the security of an information system. In order not to make a mistake in choosing security tools and methods, they are building an integrated information protection system that is a combination of organizational and engineering measures, software and hardware that protect the data in automated systems. Fortiva software like this will assistance you preserve your sensitive data. If you do not have yet the funds to purchase such a necessary program, Fortiva can provide you its credit card, thanks to which your data and correspondence will always be protected. Fortiva can also help you upgrade your qualifications for a personal mortgage, as well as help bring your finances back to normal.

Fortiva Credit Card Review

Obtaining credit is positioned by banks as the most affordable and convenient way to purchase the necessary product or service. Specialized organizations began to appear in the financial services market, the purpose of which is to help people with miserable credit histories obtain the required loans. Fortiva is one of the most renowned companies in this market segment. She has developed two programs that will assistance to understand the situation in the credit history, correct it and get the required loans. You can apply for Fortiva credit card on the Internet at the Myfortiva.com. Within the same day, the company will consider your application and send you an e-mail credit card number. You should also download a mobile application to Fortiva credit card login by your self-phone. To manage Fortiva’s credit card is very easy. All information will be indicated in your account on the official site or mobile app. The service is available around the clock, so you can make Fortiva credit card payment at any time. Fortiva provides a free credit grade, but it will be available 60 calendar days after registering and on the Fortiva credit card account only. So your interest rate, which you had before, is not important. During the first year of your card, you must pay the annual contribution which is $49 to $175, then after the first year further, the contribution consists of $0 to $49. Fortiva credit card balance and the history of your online payment you can check in your account. Your account handling contribution consist $150 which you must to pay for the whole year. If you can’t pay the whole amount at once, so you should notify about this problem Fortiva‚Äôs company. To hold your credit card online in this case you should give $12.5 once a month.

One of Fortiva credit card benefits is that you can get a mortgage for any product or service you want. Fortiva guarantees high-quality service for your card and free security protection of fraud liability. Also, the advantages are:

– 24/7 service availability;

– access to your account from any device;

– free credit rating.

The disadvantages of this card include:

– don’t have Fortiva credit card rewards;

– high-interest charges from payments;

– APR is 35%. These deficiencies were identified by users of this credit card. Customer reviews about this credit card are mixed. Anyway, if you’ve got some problems, you should contact customer service by phone number 1-800-792-1421. The service also works around the clock.

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