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Sun Country Credit Card


Sun Country Airlines is one of the low-cost US carriers. It was formed in the early 80s. Today the company carries out regular and charter flights to various domestic and international destinations. Passengers are offered flights to the Caribbean, to Costa Rica, Mexico, as well as to the UK. In total, the company has 13 regular destinations. Its planes are accepted at 32 airports in the world. Service aboard the aircraft operated by the company is offered exclusively in the style of economy class following the gold standards of low-cost. Meanwhile, at an additional cost, passengers can request enhanced comfort seats, an expanded onboard menu, as well as access to various digital entertainments during the flight. Regular customers of the company can receive special benefits. Unlike many other fly-companies, Sun Country allows you to transport pets on the plane. Also, the company allows flights of children from 15 years old on their own, while such children may also be responsible for the flight of a child from 5 to 15 years. Children aged 5-15 are accepted for independent flight accompanied by a flight attendant. Concerning the baggage of passengers, the following conditions exist: it is more advantageous to pay for baggage in advance since the cost will be higher at the airport. Hand luggage weighing no more than 35 pounds is allowed. Its size should be no more than 24x16x11 inches. It is allowed to take personal items to the salon, the size of which does not exceed 17x13x9 inches. As well as the weight of checked baggage should not exceed 50 pounds, size – no more than 6 linear inches in each dimension. There are two aircraft models in the airline’s fleet: Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800. The most popular areas of the company are Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Boston, and others. Flights are also in demand: Orlando – New York, Phoenix – Boston, Chicago – San Francisco. In life, anything can happen and you may urgently need to fly to another city or country, but there is not enough cash for a ticket, then Sun Country will come to the rescue. For the convenience of its customers, Sun Country has developed special credit cards that operate in this company and bring bonuses to their owners.

Sun Country Credit Card Review

A credit card is a modern payment tool for planned or unforeseen expenses. Credit cards have one indisputable advantage – you can use all or part of the credit line, paying interest only on the amount and the actual period of use. Therefore, the airline Sun Country decided to create own card. If you want to get your credit card you should apply for Sun Country credit card online at Suncountry.com or in the retail chain of this company. During a couple of hours, your application will be considered and a representative person of the company will contact you. If your credit history is good, then you can count on a minimum interest rate. When the company opens to you your card, they will automatically create your Sun Country credit card account. A further representative person of the company will send you a credit card number on your indicated e-mail. Then you should verify Sun Country credit card login on the official website. Registration in the system allows you to manage Sun Country credit card remainder, and to check Sun Country credit card balance. Sun Country credit card rewards its owners for subscribing to their service and for viewing news. For each action on your profile points are awarded. If you accumulate 35,000 marks, you can get $ 350 to your credit card online. If you make Sun Country credit card payment you will receive special coupons that you can then spend on the cost of the ticket or payment for the service. Similarly, when you make an online payment you can get those bonuses.

The Sun Country credit card benefits consist of the funded marks system. Marks do not burn out for three years. You can also combine your accumulated points with another cardholder and thereby receive a special offer or money for two. The disadvantages of this card include the fact that you need to pay an annual fee of $ 69.

To get complimentary and indispensable information for you, you can call the customer service department by phone number 1-888-295-5540. Operators will help you solve your problem and to do this you need to dictate your credit card number.

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